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These are group bible study material for the Book of James. There are total 5  lessons and also, Korean and English versions are available as well.

Below you can see Lesson 1 for an example.

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Lesson 1 Testing of your faith

*Text : James 1:1-27

*Memory Verse :2,3 I.


1. Divide today’s text into subgroups and give subtitles to them.

2. To whom was the letter written? Who wrote the letter? (1)

3. What does the testing of faith produce? (3,4)

4. What is the message for those who lack wisdom? What attitude should we have when we pray? (5-8)

5. What would you receive when you endured and approved from temptation?

6. Why are we tempted? Does God tempt us with evil?(12-15)

7. From whom does every good gift and every perfect gift come? Who is He? (17, 18)

8. In what should we be swift and in what should we be slow? (19)

9. What does (or does not) the wrath of man produce? (20)

10. If you are a hearer of the word and not a doer, you are like ( ). (23, 25) What is the benefit of a doer?

11. What is useless religion? (26)

12. What does the pure and undefiled religion do? (27)

II. Meditation

1. During our life on earth we are going through many kinds of tests, trials and temptations (3 T). What do you think are the benefits of those 3 T’s? (2-4, Heb 12:8-11)

2. We are told that the world is passing away, and the lust of it.(1 John 2: 17). Think about the Christians’ attitude toward the wealth. (9-11)

III. Application

1. Share how you overcame 3 T’s (tests, trials, temptations) with faith, if you have had any experience. And What are the things you are going through nowadays and what do you think your attitude should be?

2. Do you have a pure and undefiled religion before God? (27)

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<Source: many portion of this material were translated from Youth Born Again Mission's lesson>