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These are group bible study material for Genesis. Lessons 1-5 are not translated from my Korean material. Thus, you will see only lessons 6 to 16, from Abraham to Joseph.

Below you can see Lesson 6 for an example.

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Bible Character 1. Abraham

Observation(See the map)

1. What is Abram's family background?(Gen10:1, 11:10-32)

2. Where did they(his father and relatives) live? How did he come to Canaan? (Gen11:31-12:5, Acts7:2-4)

3. What was God's promise which was given to Abram?(Gen12:1-3)

4. Where did he pitch his tent? Why did he went to Egypt? What happened in Egypt? (Gen12:6-20)

5. What happened between Lot and Abram? What was God's promise after this incident? (Gen 13:1-18)


1. Think about Abram's situation. What would you do?(12:1,4,7,10, Heb10:36-38)

2. Why do you think Abram said 12:11-13? How about 13:8-9?


1. What is your family background? Are you called by God?(Rev 3:20, Eph2:3-5, Mark1:17, John 6:27-35)

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